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Are you more more updates

Made it back from New Jersey for the Marquette/Rutgers game this past Sunday. No 20 inches of snowfall was going to keep us from the game. Not the result I was looking for but a good game none the less. An eventful bus trip down with stops every 20 minutes due to the Greyhound bus overheating. Not the way to be making your first trip from Boston.

Marquette did bounce back on National Marquette day against Georgetown. Defeating another ranked team helps build the resume for the NCAA's so we'll see how they fair against another Big East heavy weight in Pittsburgh.

Change in the crazy winter/spring/winter/fall/summer/winter/spring/winter/spring/winter/spring/winter weather here in Boston. Now a small wind gust of 60mph makes it a pleasant day.

Are you more:

01) Heat-based fat-loss body pads or electricity-based muscle-gain body pads?
Electricity based muscle gain pads although I wouldn't use either.

02) Jar-Jar Binks or Jabba the Hutt?
Jabba the Hutt. Jar-Jar should have hit the editing room trash bin.

03) Warm, slushy winter or cold, snowy winter?
Cold, snowy winter and then a trip down the mountains.

04) One who thinks hardcore B&D can truly be consensual or one who think hardcore B&D canít really be consensual?
It can't be consensual.

05) Preferring of the smell of flowers or preferring of the smell of fruit?
I prefer the smell of fruit.

06) And impenetrable wall or a moving target?
A moving target. Always avoid getting hit rather than thinking of defense.

07) One who listens to your own little inner voice or one who doesnít listen and/or doesnít think you have one?
I listen, but my inner voice isnít strong enough.

08) An overt pleasure seeker or one who takes whatever pleasure comes your way in stride?
Iíll take whatever pleasure comes my way and take it in stride.

09) An overt pain avoider or one who takes whatever (regular sized) pain comes your way in stride?
I try to avoid pain. No need for the hospital bills.

10) Wishing you were some other age than the one you are or comfortable and content with the age you are?
Younger, but my age doesn't really bother me.