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Are you more sports superbowl and more

Are you more...

01) One who will buy twice as much discount beer/wine/liquor or one who will buy half as much premium beer/wine/liquor? Buy half as much premium beer.

02) A fan of self-help books or a person who thinks most of the self-help industry is based on scamming? Scammiing is more like it.

03) A meeting lover or a meeting hater? A meeting hater.

04) Hockey or soccer? Soccer. World Cup!

05) Basketball or football? Football.

06) Baseball or golf? Baseball.

07) Golf driving range or batting cage? Golf driving range.

08) Potentially disapproving of a person's lifestyle or potentially disapproving of a person's attitude? Disaproving of a person's lifestyle.

09) The funniest among your immediate family or the craftiest? Maybe the funniest, but doubtful.

10) Apt to disbelieve a politician until they prove themselves truthful or apt to believe a politician until they prove themselves untruthful? Apt to disbelieve a politician untile they prove themselves truthful. One thing the US Government is known for is attracting corrupt figure heads.

Would you rather...
bungee jump off a tall bridge OR go cliff-diving in acapulco? Cliff diving in Acapulco.

come home to find your house/apartment/etc burned down OR burglarized? Burglarized. I've already had that happen. Wouldn't want to lose it all with a fire though. Just take the items for your drug habit.

invent a new form of renewable energy OR a cure for cancer? Renewable energy.

drink a half-gallon of lemon juice in one sitting OR a cup of worscheshire sauce? Half gallon of lemon juice. Seems you add some sugar and you get lemon ade.

Super Bowl XL picks: Pittsburgh 34- Seattle 24. Good for the squares I have too :)

Act II was a disappointment along with some of the craps playing. That's why they call it gabeling though. Stayed out way later than I was expecting or hoping for.

Marquette leading Villanova and narrowly pulling off two ranked team road upsets has to count for something. Tough to play that well in that environment and come up short. Hopefully these close losses account for something.