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Are you more part 2 today

01) One who thinks aging makes one look distinguished or one who thinks aging makes one look just plain old?
You just look old.

02) A tabloid multi-issue celeb story follower (Brangelina, for example) or a person who thinks there’s nothing stupider at the checkout line at the supermarket than that?

There are things stupider that tabloid stories. There might be, but the tabloids have to be near the top.

03) Someone who likes English the way it is or someone who would prefer it if English were spelled foe-neh-tik-lee?
English is OK the way it is.

04) A full night’s sleep sleeper or a grab as many hours as I can sleeper?
Pretty much grab as many hours as I can.

05) Thinking you have some (even only slight) psychic abilities or thinking you have absolutely no psychic abilities?
I have some psychic abilities, but nothing that could be said I'm a psychic and open my own scam shop.

06) A lover of chicken dishes at a chinese restaurant or a lover of noodle dishes at a chinese restaurant?


07) Loving this year’s American Idol or sick to death of the whole American Idol thing?
Death to the whole American Idol. Wasn't that 1999's show?

08) Wishing you were smarter or wishing you were much better at dealing with other people?
Better at dealing with other people.

09) Attracted to people for their physical attributes or attracted to people for their personality attributes?

10) Thinking schools should get back to the basics or thinking schools need to expand their curriculum? Get back to the basics.