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July 31, 2009

Beers 7.31.9

Trip planning underway.

Glad to see the smallest infraction gets an invite to the White House. I disliked the way the MBTA official looked at me. I think it was racial profiling so I need to discuss this with Obama. Glad to see the news has nothing better to cove,r even when a lot more significant and larger impacting issues remain.

You know it is a slow day for television watching when "Gangland" is the best you can come up with. Oddly, a boob tattoo in prision is a sign that you are NOT to be messed with. I would not have guessed that.

What do you do with a $100 million and want a nice massive yacht? Build one that looks like a floating whale of course.

Steve Rushin.
Andrew Brandt.
Composition guide.

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July 30, 2009

Carlsbad 7.30.9

"Alcohol – that'll end well, Booze isn't how you resolve a racial conflict. It's how you start one." Comment on the Gatesgate.

More Boston corruption. Michael Joyce.

By last game as Toronto Blue Jay, three or four games ago, before the trade deadline expires and he is still with the team. Not thinking they would trade with Boston or New York within the division and failing to pull off a deal with Philadelphia. Who knows what Theo has cooked up? I think we make one deal for a bat that won't pan out.

I don't think that is the last of Brett Favre. Call me crazy.

Lightning photos.
Excel charting.
Running training.

July 28, 2009

We've seen this before 7.28.9

Same old same old. Can't some see the errors repeating? Why? How to correct them beforehand is the key.

Writing link.
Top 10 blogs for writers.
How NOT to find a roomate on craigslist.
Reading list.
Career advice.
Fed news.
Botanical medicine.
2009 Music Poll (NPR).

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July 27, 2009

On this day 7.27.9

It sure does seem odd that a couple of days before teams start training camp that a majority of the first round picks are still unsigned. Why do NFL teams wait until they need the players in camp to finish negotiations?

Cool playing tourist guide in Boston.

Saw Public Enemies, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Decent entertainment. Not sure about the ending of one considering the powers they had.

Smoltz is a bust now.

Difficult tests.

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Speed Limiter.

With NFL training camps underway, teams are working overtime to get their top draft picks signed and in uniform. Following is the current contract status for each of the first-round selections in the 2009 NFL draft.

NFL Draft 1st-Round Picks

No. Team Player Pos.
1. Lions Matthew Stafford
Contract: Six years, maximum $72 million. $41.7 million guaranteed

2. Rams Jason Smith
Contract: Unsigned

3. Chiefs Tyson Jackson
Contract: Unsigned

4. Seahawks Aaron Curry
Contract: Unsigned

5. Jets Mark Sanchez
Contract: Five years, maximum $60 million. $28 million guaranteed

6. Bengals Andre Smith
Contract: Unsigned

7. Raiders Darrius Heyward-Bey
Contract: Unsigned

8. Jaguars Eugene Monroe
Contract: Unsigned

9. Packer B.J. Raji
Contract: Unsigned

10. 49ers Michael Crabtree
Contract: Unsigned

11. Bills Aaron Maybin
Contract: Unsigned

12. Broncos Knowshon Moreno
Contract: Unsigned

13. Redskins Brian Orakpo
Contract: Unsigned

14. Saints Malcolm Jenkins
Contract: Unsigned

15. Texans Brian Cushing
Contract: Unsigned
16. Chargers Larry English
Contract: Unsigned
17. Buccaneers Josh Freeman
Contract: Unsigned
18. Broncos Robert Ayers
Contract: Unsigned
19. Eagles Jeremy Maclin
Contract: Unsigned
20. Lions Brandon Pettigrew
Contract: Unsigned
21. Browns Alex Mack
Contract: Five years, financial terms not reported

22. Vikings Percy Harvin
Contract: Unsigned
23. Ravens Eugene Monroe
Contract: Unsigned
24. Falcons Peria Jerry
Contract: Unsigned
25. Dolphins Vontae Davis
Contract: Unsigned
26. Packers Clay Matthews
Contract: Unsigned
27. Colts Donald Brown
Contract: Unsigned
28. Bills Eric Wood
Contract: Unsigned
29. Giants Hakeem Nicks
Contract: Unsigned
30. Titans
Kenny Britt
Contract: Unsigned
31. Cardinals Beanie Wells
Contract: Unsigned
32. Steelers Ziggy Hood
Contract: Five years, maximum $11.3 million. $6.1 million guaranteed.

July 24, 2009

Cathedral of the Sea Cove 7.24.9

Reading suggestion.
NY Law.
Steve Jobs commencement.
Google Book.
Twelve Virtues of Rationality.
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Managers tips.
Writing tips.
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Nathan Myhrvold.
Stigler's law of eponymy.
Sui generis.
Chekhov's Gun.

July 23, 2009

Marquesas Islands 7.23.9

I'm not sure if the media coverage is planned, but it seems a simple arrest in Cambridge is National news. A dubious event that I don't think matters is one that wouldn't make it past the oh, this is compelling to Americans? How? So they can see how f'd up Cambridge is? That police make mistakes? That all of it WAY overblown. The President and every op-ed has an opinion on he said/he said stories. Lawsuit in 3.....2.....1.

Motivation techniques.
Funny "Internal" Goldman Sachs memo. Best part: For now, let’s take down the giant scoreboard that reads “Main Street: zero. Wall Street: a billion gazillion bajillion.”
Reader comments regarding slogans for trips to Milwaukee.
Language learning.
Simple recipes.
In Character.
Core skills.
Free finance books.
Figure people out.

July 22, 2009

Delphi 7.22.9

Car buying tips.
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What to say to your younger self once the time machine is invented.
Basketball notebook.
Better communication.
Networking tips.
Business tips.
Developing humor.

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List of confidence tricks.
False consensus effect.

July 21, 2009

The Black Forest 7.21.9

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Cartoons on business cards.
Digital journal.
Reading body language.
Stock picking with Charlie Munger.
Conversation mistakes.
Learn anything.
Overcoming fear.
Talent develop.
Financial advice.
Rationalizing problems.
How Do You Know?
Munger interview.

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Cui bono.

July 17, 2009

Reno 7.17.9

Increase brain power.
Alfie Kohn.
Best of Wikipedia.
Creating users.
Extreme thinking.
Greenspan on SS.
Student tips.
Kitchen tips.
Javascript arrays.
Programming traits.
Women selection.

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Act of kindness.

July 16, 2009

Gripsholm Castle 7.16.9

Method to Find Peace of Mind.
Geoffrey Nunberg.
PM Skills for Life.
Indispensable to others.
How to be creative.
Entrepreneurship tips.
Non conformity.

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Interesting number paradox.
Negative temperature. Hotter than expected.

July 09, 2009

Cape 7.9.9

Drinking Diaries.
Interview q's.
New business guide.
One way to go. Boiled in chocolate would beat getting crushed by beer.
Poem hunter.
Self discipline.
Study Spanish.

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High huts.
Ergodic theory.
Marcel Duchamp.
Tiffin carriers.

July 08, 2009

Wawel 7.8.9

Presentation in 60 seconds.
Max q.
Family rules.
Matt Tabbi.
NASA spaceflight news.
Developers work.
Kissing contest.

July 07, 2009

779 7.7.9

69 Hot dogs? Really? That's just gross.

Enough with Michael Jackson. BREAKING NEWS! A lawyer will take care of his will. How? I can't wait until this drawn out coverage dies.

A man on the bike through Porter Square was easily 250-300 pounds, but he had the helmet and sunglasses rocking to almost pass for Lance Armstrong. Well, besides being way too big to ride a really small bike, the facial hair, failure to yield to pedestrians, and the overstuffed messenger bag.

July 04, 2009

MU Games 7.4.9

Happy Independence Day. I'm ready for some spectacular fireworks along the Charles.

A pretty favorable result of the Big East basketball schedule. For a program that is rebuilding after losing some of the All Time greats, it certainly would great if the team is able to surpass the 12th place expectations. Hopefully when the times and dates are announced I'm able to make it to the East coast locations. Uconn, Providence, St. Johns, Seton Hall, and Villanova are likely games.

Home - Bradley Center
Notre Dame

Providence (Mirror)
DePaul (Mirror)
St. John’s
Seton Hall
Villanova (Mirror)
West Virginia

July 02, 2009

The past is disappearing 7.2.9

It certainly has been one strange year. The childhood figures (Ed Mc Mahon, Michael Jackson, Mollie Sugden, Bill Mayes) are falling by the way side. Today I found out another classic figure is no longer taking part. Casey Kasem will have one last countdown on the radio for the popular songs.

I'm glad to see the changes we have made have reduced global warming. Now if we could just crank up the heat a little. Seeing fog and highs in the 50's in JULY is a little like Seattle. This is Boston.

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Happiness toolbox.
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Things to learn.
Illuminated mind.

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Picaresque novel.
Four agreements.

July 01, 2009

Ulaanbaatar 7.1.9

Anyone else sick of the Michael Jackson coverage still going? Enough already. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton showing up to your family regarding memorials are going to lead to taxpayers paying for something we don't really need.

What is up with the crazy June cloudy/rain weather in Boston? It is now July and we haven't hit 90 all year.

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NJ Monthly.
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Fishing Atlas.
Why it might be wrong.
What's that bug?
JAVA notes.

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