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August 28, 2009

Old Town Square 8.28.9

Finally a new Seantor from Massachusetts. RIP Senator Kennedy, but your end run around the Governor appointment versus the voters reeks of Democrate hypocrasy.

Boosting productivity.
Cat game.
Better presentation tips.
I believe my friend Wally already did this without making the JS.
Improving the short game.
99 %.
Memorization tips.
Storm tracking.
Max damage game.
Not knowing your friends.
Filming tips.
GTD workflow.
Life tips from Mark Twain.

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USS Frederick Der Grosse.

August 18, 2009

Sylt 8.19.9

What did I say on 7.30.9? This wouldn't be the end to the Brett Favre retirement. No need to say I didn't warn you with this nonsense. I wonder what the reception at Lambeau field will be in November.

Car inspection.
VBA coding.

August 17, 2009

Evora 8.17.9

A cool trip out to Las Vegas/St. George/Zion/Bryce. HOT weather all week made the day hikes challenging, but very worth while. Better than 60's and rain. Pictures coming soon.

Golfing on my birthday Saturday was pretty good. Decent tee shots and short second shots. Putting needs a lot of work. Pictures coming soon.

Surprise of the week: Rick Pitino scandel is really 6 years old.
Tiger losing in the final round to Y.E Yang.
Michael Vick signing with the Eagles.
Padrig playing #8 like I would a par 3.

Awesome. Not really sure how the bridge operator doesn't stop it from rising in the first place.

Tree database.
Happiness tips.
US Bridges.

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August 07, 2009

Taj 8.7.9

Finished Between a Rock and Hard Place. Aron Ralston was trapped in the canyon in Utah alone for six days. Amputated his hand and lived to tell about it. I'm on my way out to Zion/Bryce this week. Hopefully a cool trek without the risky adventure.

Comedy of errors in the Common.
Lessons from Bruce Lee.
Excel templates.
Better today.
Dan Gable.
Awesome things.
Research skills.
Art of phugoid.
US Confirmation votes.

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August 04, 2009

Bergen 8.4.9

Last minute changes for $200? I don't think that is a wise investement.

Suing because you can't find a job? What's next? Making inflamatory comments in what can only be described as causing your own downfall and then suing the city? What the heck happened here? Cash for clunkers? Why is it that we bail out stupid people?

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James Pearson.
John Gill.
Lynn Hill.
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City travel distance.
Telephone numbering guide.
Backyard astronomy.

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