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Marquesas Islands 7.23.9

I'm not sure if the media coverage is planned, but it seems a simple arrest in Cambridge is National news. A dubious event that I don't think matters is one that wouldn't make it past the oh, this is compelling to Americans? How? So they can see how f'd up Cambridge is? That police make mistakes? That all of it WAY overblown. The President and every op-ed has an opinion on he said/he said stories. Lawsuit in 3.....2.....1.

Motivation techniques.
Funny "Internal" Goldman Sachs memo. Best part: For now, let’s take down the giant scoreboard that reads “Main Street: zero. Wall Street: a billion gazillion bajillion.”
Reader comments regarding slogans for trips to Milwaukee.
Language learning.
Simple recipes.
In Character.
Core skills.
Free finance books.
Figure people out.