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Packers win opener 9.8.8

A late night at work kept from catching the first half but I caught the more interesting finish. Not sure they worked on everything in the preseason but a win against a division opponent is key. Decent play on the offense and a better defensive pressure than I was expecting. Chicago's surprising win over the Colts at Indy was one of the unexpected results. Along with Carolina over San Diego in the last seconds, Atlanta over Detroit, and Philly bigger than expected.

Injuries seem to have been a bigger story in week 1 than most opening weeks from prior year. Some of the not so surprising teams won, but my fewer points than expected. Proving you never know opening week what might happen.

Foxwoods was a decent trip. It could have been much better had I just played a couple of hands differently. Lesson learned but a costly one. Dave actually did really well following a poor showing the previous day in the 5-10 game. At least one of us was up big. Mark not so much.