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March 30, 2008

Space Shuttle Video 3.30.8

A cool collection of Space Shuttle launches clipped together. Youtube.

March 24, 2008

.1 Cent Donation

Ways to quiet a loud screaming crying baby on the T, play the guess which hand the coin is in. It only costs .1 for the kid to stop crying. Lesson learned: Does this encourage the kid to keep crying and get what he wants or give the rest of the train ride a quiet peaceful ride?

March 22, 2008

MU Season Over 3.22.8

Terrible ending to the Standford/Marquette game in OT. 9 Seconds left in regulation with 2 timeouts why settle for a tough contested 3 point shot. No interior defense to stop the 7 footers. Without a decent big man, over 6-6 we have no answer. Figures most fans are happy with a one win post season. Not me. I can't believe it is over and most likely any chance of a decent NCAA tournament run.

March 21, 2008

Easter 3.21.8

Home watching the NCAA tourney games. Stopped at Foxwoods to play a little bit of tournaments. Didn't do so well. 10th out of 74 in the Act 2 Super was ok and 30th out of 95 in the 100 tournament was good but I made one bad play and paid dearly for it. Lesson learned.

Marquette beat Kentucky. Glad to watch that game. Hopefully we can make it a game against Stanford. Not sure we match up inside as well.

Off to NYC for the today. I'll be back Sunday.

March 09, 2008

Currently 3.9.8

Currently reading: The New Money Masters, The Starfish and the Spider, The Best and the Brightest, Professional No Limit Hold'em.

Listening: Katonah, Andrew Bird, Etienne de Roucher, The Faint.

Watching: College basketball. Hoops all week baby! Brackets out next Sunday. Ummm...did I mention college basketball games were on? Oh in between was the Best of Packers on NFL. Super Bowl in New Orleans versus the Patriots. MNF against Oakland. Playoff against Seattle. More college hoops. A little Family Guy. Some little bits and pieces of old school The Sopranos. Meadow is young.

Doing: Tax returns. Stupid credits, deductions, AMT. Now they want my medical coverage? When does government make it any easier on the taxpayers? These people suck and need to be subject to the laws they write. SOB's!

Waiting: For better weather. The wind nearly blew me down. Not that I'm a small person either. For Full Tilt Poker to allow me to win some of the hands and not have people suck out on the river chasing the fi(%ng river card. To fall asleep since the Daylight Saving Time went into effect. It still feels like 10 PM.

Wishing: One winning lotto ticket in the Powerball Wednesday. For the number of times we have played ONE winning ticket will do. It seems the winners are never from RI or MA. We need to change that.

March 06, 2008

RSS Feeding the Feeder 3.6.8

Checking the features of RSS readers.

March 04, 2008

Misc Links 3.4.8

Random stick figure animations.
The Generator Blog.
Norm Chad.

Favre Retirement 3.4.8

Brett Favre announced his retirement today. I came across the JS Online breaking news earlier today while most of the sports sites I visit to catch up on still hadn't picked it up. ESPN has some articles worth checking out. I'm not upset nor shocked by the decision. I do wonder how many games the networks will have with the Packers next season or the cap impact of the decision now rather than say a week ago. I'm sure someone will have that information later in the week. He made it easy to root for the team and was truely a great guy to cheer for. Most fans I pass here in Boston question how I'm a fan but without fail, they ALWAYS, to some degree mention how they "love" Favre. Easy....he had as much fun out there as any one and was a true class act.

March 03, 2008

Job Creation numbers 3.3.8

The casino bill that is being considered here in Massachusetts has some people disagreeing on the the number of jobs created. Even with "a construction budget of $1 billion" everyone is missing one key element....not once has a government project been met the goal of the politicians. Look at the Big Dig. This is Boston. Look for the Unions along with the lawyers to delay this cash cow as much as possible. Sometime around 2020 if ever and with costs 5-10x more than budget.

March 01, 2008

Not even the Onion could make this up 3.1.8

Not sure what the world is coming to, but Arizona sure does have a few things wrong. 2-Second Hugs? Not sure if school shootings happen out there recently, but I wouldn't be surprised if they start to increase in the next 2-5 years as a result. Not that I think that is a smart way to handle things but these officials are mistaken if they think this is in the students best interest.

Bruins game 3.1.8

Went to my first NHL game. Pretty decent seats. OT and shootout help to determine the winner. Bruins over Thrashers.

Tough loss in the Georgetown/Marquette game. I wish I was able to watch but didn't realize that the hockey game and basketball were on at the same time. No matter since it would have been difficult to sit through and watch that ending. Terrible decision late.

No idea about Lost. I think Desmond is really not flashing back to 1996. I think it was a bogus phone with no connection. How does a constant from the past choose Desmond since he could have died some time ago? or the father failed to give his daughter's new address?