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Currently 3.9.8

Currently reading: The New Money Masters, The Starfish and the Spider, The Best and the Brightest, Professional No Limit Hold'em.

Listening: Katonah, Andrew Bird, Etienne de Roucher, The Faint.

Watching: College basketball. Hoops all week baby! Brackets out next Sunday. Ummm...did I mention college basketball games were on? Oh in between was the Best of Packers on NFL. Super Bowl in New Orleans versus the Patriots. MNF against Oakland. Playoff against Seattle. More college hoops. A little Family Guy. Some little bits and pieces of old school The Sopranos. Meadow is young.

Doing: Tax returns. Stupid credits, deductions, AMT. Now they want my medical coverage? When does government make it any easier on the taxpayers? These people suck and need to be subject to the laws they write. SOB's!

Waiting: For better weather. The wind nearly blew me down. Not that I'm a small person either. For Full Tilt Poker to allow me to win some of the hands and not have people suck out on the river chasing the fi(%ng river card. To fall asleep since the Daylight Saving Time went into effect. It still feels like 10 PM.

Wishing: One winning lotto ticket in the Powerball Wednesday. For the number of times we have played ONE winning ticket will do. It seems the winners are never from RI or MA. We need to change that.