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October 24, 2006

Photos from HOC 10.24.06

Some photos are up from the weekends race at the HOCR. Along with some views from the new office across the street.

October 12, 2006

TOD 10.12.6

When is it okay to hug a new person?

Finished reading Satisfaction about the brain reacations to things people enjoy. Decent read on the chemicals and explanations for tests on the brain.

The best way to become obscenely wealthy is still the old fashioned way in 4 simple steps.

Western World Version

1. Take outrageous risks with extremely high upside.
2. Be the 1 out of 500 million for whom it pans out. This one is key so focus on it.
3. Attribute your wealth creation to your own hard work, your own genius and the power of your business plan. Be sure to stress how your wealth was singularly made possibly by your unique endowment of elbow grease, street smarts, common sense, all of which your competitors obviously lacked (proven by how poor they are compared to you).
4. Buy a mega yacht and/or athletic team.

Russian World Version*

1. Acquire assets illegally either from or with the help of the state. Extra rubles for seizing commodity related assets
2. Kill all your rivals.
3. Buy a mega yacht and/or athletic team.

October 05, 2006

Quote 10.5.6

Lack of experience diminishes our power of taking a comprehensive view of the admitted facts. Hence those who dwell in intimate association with nature and its phenomena are more able to lay down principles such as to admit of a wide and coherent development; while those whom devotion to abstract discussions has rendered unobservant of facts are too ready to dogmatize on the basis of a few observations.

October 03, 2006

World Cup Tour in Boston

The World Cup Champions tour hits Boston tomorrow. Hopefully I can find some time and check it out. Locations and times here.