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Enjoying the MLK Day off

Spending some time catching up on sleep here. Enjoying having the day off from work. Probably catch up on some sleep, clean up around the apartment and read some while the weather changes from 55 and rain to 10 with gusty winds in a matter of hours.

After watching the Marquette/West Virginia game, I couldn't believe how many 3 points WV had. Sure enough a new school and Big East record 20 of 38 sunk the Warriors. Even though they played them tough in the first half, and cutting the lead down to 3, it wasn't going to happen the way they played perimeter defense. We were Pittsnogled. Gansey was on fire early and Young played well in the second half. Rutgers over DePaul was a bit of a surprise. Pitt over Louisville wasn't.

As for the remaining playoff teams, It looks like Denver and Seattle are the two favorites. With the Bears and Colts going down to Carolina and Pittsburgh. I thought once Bettis fumbled and set up a decent return that Indianapolis would force OT. I guess a 46 yard field goal try is more difficult in playoff "Die or Advance" circumstances. With no chance of the three-peat all of the New England fans will be wondering, what happened.