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Deal with choices 2.10.11

The mindful eye photography.
Interview with Francis Ford Coppola.
College Alternatives.
NFL players bankruptcy.
Vegas lost on the Packers/Steelers game.
Harvard Sports Anaysis.
Irish banks implode.
Stay close but not too close.
AXA error.
Bill Murray Groundhog day number of days.
NFL Stats.
Lowell Institute.
Dos Equis most interesting.
Cannon game.
Learning to code.
Wristwatch compass.
Near Future Lab.
Enterprise tools.
Howling fantoids.
HBS article.
Baseball views.
HBS Healthcare.
Ham Radio.
Basenotes fragrance.
Prop bets.
Surfing article.
Dividend pig.
Ettiquette Blunders.
Wines to try.

Wiki Links:
Crayola colors.
Forer Effect.
George VI.
Emile Zola.