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Snow at work 1.12.11

Wine suggestions.
Find and place in Excel.
Al McGuire. Reference for the quotes.
Everyday recipes.
Lesson plans.
Database mistakes.
Family trips.
Slow cooker recipes.
2010 Songs.
Cookie ideas.
Charlie Pierce.
MU Assessment.
Supreme Court arguments.
Things to know.
Something to read.
Long reads.
Those cool jobs behind the scenes:Seamstress to the Packers.
Packers information.
Hatching Monsters.
Wedding questions Do's and Don'ts.
One item a day.
Gift guide.
Sam Adams Beer.
FLW Lego.
Make Magazine.
Make changes in the world.
Freedom to tinker.
Best of Mefi.
Ruling on the Mass foreclosures.
Beating expectations.
Search tools.
2010 Movies.
Most valuable coins.
Travel and leisure. Need to get away from the snow.
National Hot Toddy Day yesterday. Same day as the DH was made in baseball.
Marketing tools.
Boston traffic alerts.
Highest points in the United States.
Winning with cast offs.
How to get focused.

Wiki Links:
Formative Assessment.