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Recap 3.12.10

Not the way to start the Semifinals of the Big East tourney. Sure, spotting Georgetown a 7-0 run results in a time out. This induced flash backs to Mike Deane, who could not resist using time outs less than a minute into the game. Good effort to fight back at the half. Not so much defense and a clearly overmatched team led to the second half blow out. Most likely an 8 seed somewhere, possible 7 due to better teams and conflict resolution. Does Spokane, San Jose seem possible again? Oklahoma City?

As for the new Packers alternate jersey...I don't think they are going to sell as many as the marketing department would anticipate. Surely Green Bay is a supportive town and the classic look from the first world championship team of 1929 is a vast change, but I like the 1950's style more. Introduce the change and then postpone the sale? Not smart.