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Making money on the underdogs 2.10.10

Who would have thought that the Saints of all teams would end up winning Super Bowl 44? Certainly not me. I would have given the 7 figuring Manning is too good of a leader to let his team down. Granted New Orleans was flat the first half, but boy did they turn it around with some gutsy calls to start the second half. Which, was a good thing since my square was moved on the last second FG and then back on again for the third quarter. Too bad the poker game didn't go as well giving the money back to the house.

Snow up and down the East coast but very little in the mountains. Too bad since I would have liked to have gone snowboarding again.

Looking for vacation time for 10 days straight since the dumbest corporate policy known to man is in effect and has little chance of being overlooked.

Doing laundry down the hill sucks. Especially during the winter time. Having a car would be easier but not worth the hassle of parking.

Completion date for the renovations is most likely sometime in June or July. December 18, 2009? Anyone? ......

Awesome trips down to watch the Marquette games in Providence and Hartford. A train and bus trip were decent, but even better with a couple of Trinity brew Growlers.