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Good day to turn 30 1.11.10

Happy 30th Birthday Anne Marie! The computers recognize 30 as 11110 which is today's date.

After watching the Baltimore Ravens destroy the Patriots and the start of the Green Bay/Arizona game, I wonder what is it about the NFL Playoffs that I fear watching. The OT gut punch ending or the first quarter pack it up and find something better to do today? As for the game, I would say wait until next year, but looking ahead it would be all road games, in a dome, as an underdog. No way we would have a chance barring OT miracles. Then to face what is most likely a killer offense in Manning and the Colts? No thanks.

Result of the start of the Packers/Cards: a cleaner apartment, revised online profile, better fitness, lower stress, and progress toward 2010 resolutions.

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