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Festivus airing of daily life 12.23.9

Some things in life come across as a WTF? Did that just happen? You aren't sure how to react. For example, a trip to the mens room where in order to flush the urinal, a co worker karate kicks the handle. Sure I'm all for the avoiding spreading flu, but this seems to take measures to the extreme. Other times you wish you had the ability to block calls on public transportation, to save the other passengers sanity. Like yesterday. What would normally be an uneventful train ride home turned into an hour plus ordeal due to a train derailment. Sitting next to a lady who can't stay off the phone. Yes her turn by turn directions in Spanish kept everyone on her contact updated. 15 nervous seconds later, placing another call. 30 seconds, another call. 10 seconds another call. 25 seconds another....well you get the idea. For a 15 minute trip down Mass Ave, she must have made over 100 calls. Keep it simple and hang up.

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