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Lakers Penguins 2009

Down to one sport now. Baseball. The Lakers took down the Magic, 4-1. and the Penguins were able to win a road game in Detroit to take the NHL cup over the weekend. It was cool to watch the Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox all at the same time. Sometimes at the same time as Boston had home ice/court advantage. Sure it made it difficult on which game to tune into, but it was certainly a problem worth having.

A little early for the Father's Day present, but it was cool to have my parents in town for the weekend. Along with the visit, I found out some information about my great-great-grandfather on my mother's mother's side. Coming to America in the early 1900's and leaving Austria-Hungary must have been something else. Certainly not like today.

The volunteer group for the Marquette alumni of Boston did a great job Saturday. If you are out along the Charles way way down by the North Eastern Boat house in Alston, we were planting at the Mary Caroline Herter Memorial Garden. A neat little off the path place for a picnic or rest from rowing if you are in the Charles River boating.

Went to see Up. The new Pixar movie about the adventures of trying to float a house with balloons. I liked the movie, but it still seemed sad to me about how much Mr. Fredricksen missed his wife. He still had some excellent adventures and what I would think is a happy marriage, but I have a feeling they could have made the sense of adventure complete a little less Pixarish.

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