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Buzz NYC 4.28.9

I'm not buying the cover story from yesterday's buzz of NYC.

"The official story is am improbable scenario. Agreed. On the bright side, I made a fortune in tinfoil futures today."

"AF1 was being moved for routine security or logistic reasons. Pilot goes bugfuck and starts joyriding around NYC. "Escorts and air traffic control talk him down or he's overpowered. Air Force doesn't want to admit that their screening procedures fucked up so royally, so lame and bizarre "photo op" coverstory is spun and a few state and local officials are coopted into lying about a flight plan for "national security reasons".

"When I was younger an aerial event, spectacle, such as this would have been savored. The terrorists have truly won. We're, Americans, are now a bunch of wimpy, over-reactive, hysterical crybabies. No comments here dissuade me from what appears to me to be that simple and terribly disappointing truth."

"The cost of that flight? For a photograph?"

"In a related story, fire trucks and police cars in New York have had their sirens replaced with wind chimes and a recorded voice that softly repeats, "Excuse me, please . . . Pardon me . . . "

Not really sure whether the cover story would pass the rotton fish smell test, but that people actually pulled this off and wouldn't expect a reaction. I think it was a mole hunt within a department to figure out whether security was tight or if had leaks. Getting this reaction from a spokesman and sell it to the public doesn't pass my gut test.