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White March 3.2.9

Yes a another loss. This time to a poor shooting Louisville team in Freedom Hall. Sure plenty of lost opportunities we failed to take. 4 point losses suck, but not having McNeal anywhere near a decent shooting game really lost it for us. Not sure if the coach could afford to sit him for a brief period to help him understand you need to do something different in order for our team to win. Not to just take wild shots. Not a chance agains Pitt.

Only 15 inches of new snow once the old had FINALLY melted and cleared. Now we dig out.

Things to teach.
Common interview questions.
Learning faster.
Improving memory.
Teaching guide.
Number tile game.
Commencement speech.
3D room planner.

Wiki Links:
Peter Drucker.
Liklihood principle.
List of numbers.
Microbial toxins.
Southpark Episodes.
Latin Phrases.