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Marquette finished 3.24.9

Sometimes life is just one big tease. Sure the game ended with a fluke step over the inbound line with a little over five seconds, but the way the team competed in making it close was just agonizing. I didn't know what to expect for the NCAA tournament. I was considering getting West regional final tickets and airfare knowing the seed, matchups, location and planning a last second escape from the Boston cold, to sunny Arizona. Not to be. Not next year since this was a one in a million chances. Hopefully I can look back at these games and learn that I can do little besides dream big and hope for another magical run sometime soon.

Watched There will be blood. Crazy Daniel Day Louis movie about the oil business, buying out a town, and a little double crossing religious preacher with some family value issues.

Almost achiever.
Excel templates.
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Taking risks.
Conference speaking.
Cool wave photos.
Stay organized.

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