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Do not be alarmed 3.27.9

The loud noise you heard last night was my bracket explosion. Well, unless you were near the California test site with Mythbusters and the broken windows. The blast was caused by some ammonium nitrate, trying to blow the socks off. My guess is that no socks remain to test, if they had the dummy on the pile of explosives.

My national champion Memphis lost to Missouri. I did have the other games correct. Uconn over Purdue, 'Nova over Duke, and Pitt over Xavier. I guess my best guess this year will need better luck next year. No idea for this year, but 'Nova has looked like a team capable of winning it all. Not sure how many of the 1 seeds make it, but if Pitt plays like it did theywill not make the championship game.

Yeah, I guess that rumors in High School is one thing, but to make headlines in the online paper? Really? What is this the Onion? Everyone knows that vampires hang out in old castles and basements, not high schools. Makes you wonder what they are teaching kids these days.

Interesting compairison of franchises.

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