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ESPN 7 PM 2.25.9

Huge game tonight on ESPN. Marquette hosts UConn. Not only will Uconn be trying for win 800, but with Pitt losing to Providence it has a chance to step back up to the the #1 ranking it lost last week. Not sure any team wants to be ranked #1 in college hoops since it is a big bulls eye/target for the rest of the conference to take aim and secure a "quality win". Hopefully the SOLD OUT Bradley Center will be rocking and give the team a lift. I wish I was able to attend this game.

As for the Panthers/Bruins game last night, it sure does pay to get to your seat early since the first goal was 30 seconds into the game. It was still cool to see 6 others. Great seats that I wish we were able to get again. I was in Las Vegas for the quality Montreal game so I was 1/2 in the games won/attended. Too bad the Wild won in one of the more boring NHL games.

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