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Another loss 2.11.9

Not quite the "big game" bounce back after a mysterious loss. Granted any three point shot Villanova took, with about 8-10 feet of open space, was bound to go in. (stats Allowing Villanova to shoot 72% in the second half and 58.7% in all, double-figure scoring from five players, led by Scottie Reynolds' 27, knocks down 13 of 24 three-pointers and gets 32 points off its bench, that's clearly not going to make much of a difference.). Anytime a team can hang a 100 on any team in the Big East, chances are you will win. St. Johns and Seton Hall then the brutal part really begins.

Big East rookie of the year head coach Buzz Williams comments: "“It was an F, all around,” he said when asked to rate MU’s performance. “I think we played a little bit better in the first half; we were just getting a lot of tough breaks and had guys in foul trouble. The second half, it was just ridiculous.

“Anytime you give up 100 points in a college basketball game, it’s an F in my book. It wasn’t hard to figure out what the problem was. We scored plenty enough baskets. We just didn’t get enough stops.”

Big games tonight, Syracuse at UConn and UNC at Duke. Too bad LOST is on at the same time.

Favre retire.....again? Comments at the Journal:
"One way to get the A-Rod story out of the headlines."
"Happy Groundhog Day everyone!"
"Next thing you know, he's gonna come back out of retirement to start for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL."
"I'm just glad he's not our problem to deal with anymore."
"Spite is just not a healthy emotion and very rarely does anything positive come out of it."
"I'm sure this story isn't done."
"Are we going to talk about the Green Bay Packers."

Interesting thought: What’s the best photo you took last month?

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