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Weekend recap 1.19.9

I still can't figure out how the Arizona Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl. Congratulations I guess, but they are not the best team in the NFC this year. I would say the same thing about the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC, but getting past a brutal Baltimore Ravens team for the third time is saying something.

As for the Marquette/Providence game at the Dunkin Donuts center it sure wasn't pretty. I will take a road win the Big East any time, but the way they looked it should have been a double digit LOSS. Sure they came back from being down 13 or so to win by 9, but they need to play a better first half. The fan or brother of the player that came onto the court should have been show the door A LOT sooner than getting in the face of the ref for the correct non call. Not sure what security was doing in the twenty or seconds it took for someone to say, hmmm....he shouldn't be out on the court.

Wake taking over Duke for the rankings is an oddity. Watching a little more hoops after the non stop great game action over the weekend. Pitt/Syracuse is a good game. Not sure about the Howard or Vermont games.