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30 8.15.8

A Happy Birthday! What a finish at the Olympics for Michael Phelps record 7th Gold medal swim. One more to break it. I still can't believe the times and how many break records, but those close, heart stopping touches to win. UNBELIEVABLE!

Crazy 9.92 second run, in the quarterfinals, that makes it look like a walk in the park. I remember when breaking 10 seconds for the 100m was thought to be really really fast. That was max effort but that is more like a training session now.

Boxing, Kayaking, Tennis, Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Track and Field, Swimming, Diving, Archery, Beach Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball, Gymnastics, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Rowing, Cycling, and that crazy weight lifting mistake that goes to show you the elbow bending inwards with 400lbs over your head is NEVER a good thing, are just some of the sports I've seen so far.