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June 30, 2008

Short work week 6.30.8

Looking forward to a shortened work week. Hard to believe it is nearly the 4th of July.

Sequel quiz.

Illusion science.

Tribal Revolt.

Wiki links: Golden path sentence.
US order of precedence.
Extinct animals of the United States.
List of moons. We should have a better name for ours.

Beer advocate.

Ask Calvin's Dad. I knew the was a How to for parenting. Parents will deny this of course.

June 27, 2008

24 minutes 6.27.8

Not a good time last night. Some of the runners walking in the first half mile. Not enough room to put 12,000 runners.

Day in pictures.

Celestial Atlas.

Sensei library.

Cool clouds. More rare clouds. Volcanos.

June 26, 2008

Chase Corporate Challenge 6.26.8

3 mile race today rather than the original 3.5. Hopefully the rain will hold off.

Halloween costume idea.

Troy McClure resume.

I'm sure kids would still eat them.

Walkscore. New work address vs. current work address?

June 25, 2008

weather today sunny and clear 6.25.8

New term: kawaii.

Not sure what bait was used, but I wouldn't want to be swimming anywhere near it.

Dreaming.....once that six digit sequence of numbers comes up. Horoscope in the Metro: Don't count on lady luck.

Wiki links: Penrose triangle.
Quantum indeterminacy.

First 30 days.

Olympic caliber in everything. Watching the trials this past weekend along with the Euro 2008 matches made me wonder what event could I try and make the team, while the others brought up the idea, no way I could manage let alone complete. The rings were damn near impossible while the 10m platform 3.9 degree of difficulty dive was also on the list. The athletes made team handball look easy.

June 19, 2008

Victory Parade 6.19.8

Duck boats rolling through Boston. Photos to come later.

Tooth numbering.

Sunrise/set information. The map is the best part. Navigation not so much.

NPR music.

Front page news.

Large objects in the solar system.

Digging a tunnel CIA style in Berlin.

50,000 for a texting champion?

June 18, 2008


Congratulations to the Boston Celtics who crushed the Lakers in the Finals game 6.

June 16, 2008

Bucket List Formation 6.17.8

Time to get to work on my bucket list. Not that I'm near death, but to get things done.

It appears no one will at IU to play a game. Why would you take that job? Screw Marquette and take the recruits.

Boston POPS played A Little Night Music.

The Prophet on Marriage.

Faroe Islands.

Satellite tracking.

Cool photo. I know I wouldn't want to be standing anywhere near it let alone outside taking a photo.

Back to Boston 6.16.8

Almost had the series in LA. Hopefully game 6 is the clincher.

Surrealist Compliment Generator.

I think it spans the largest rock quarry.

Good to know.

Pluto lives on.

Add the Theremin to the list of things to learn how to play.

Adjust the settings to change the pictures.

June 13, 2008

Pops weekend 6.13.8

Boston POPS, Father's Day, 17th banner? Should be a fun filled weekend.

Funny PEEPS dioramas.

Stange records.

Odd game.

A bunch of games.

Harvard Medical School.

Sopranos Recap.

June 12, 2008

Game four 6.12.8

How to display the flag.
CIA World Fact Book.
Pro wrestling moves.
Michelson-Morley experiment.
Provide the text, get a word cloud.
National Park Service.
Bye-bye blackboard.

June 11, 2008

Boston Sports Recap 6.11.8

No idea how the Celtics played so poorly and expected to take game 3 in LA. Same with Okijimia pitching last night. Just terrible to watch.

2 seconds to guess the word with "It Is: Cow byproduct"?

McCain makes a stop in South Jersey.

Harvard commencement.

Scooper Bowl.

My money is on Warren.

Funny timing of the CNN headline.

June 05, 2008

Rays Red Sox Recap 6.6.8

Nothing like a little bench clearing brawl to make the game a little more lively. Coco with the HBP charging the mound.

Discovery blogs.
Belmont Horse race Saturday. Take the Kentucky Derby/Preakness winner Big Brown on the inside.
Animals on crest.
A helpful list of names when you can't quite figure out what it is.
Warren Buffett reading list.
North vs. South. Add some to my list of places to go.
Great news stories.
Rules for the Road Runner.
Discovery of the day.
Big Picture.
Fitness tips.
Magic tricks.
The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy.
Cool photo of some naval ships.

Beat LA 6.5.8

Game 1. I'm ready for some old school basketball. Hopefully they come out ready to play and complete the mission they set out on.

Top 100 Books.


Free RV camp grounds.

I wonder how comfortable it is after sitting inside for a couple of hours.

Daily National Geographic photos.

Gives new meaning to short term memory loss.

I never knew that the Milwaukee Athletic Club won Olympic Gold in Tug-of-war. I think they should bring it back as a sport.

I'm not sure how they get enough people to run the events.

I wish I could play a nyckelharpa or hurdy gurdy. I think it would be fun to see peoples reaction and the conversation as to what do you play? Those or at least korfball.

June 04, 2008

The Sun has gone away today 6.4.8

3d graphics of football stadiums.

Top 100 movie quotes.

Fake diesease creator.


Farmers Almanac.

PDF pad.

Undeniable facts.

You must enter your name.

June 03, 2008

Chic flick 6.3.8

My movie choice "There will be blood." Instead endured 2 hours of a pointless chic flick. How does it end? Not the way one would have wanted which left me disappointed and wanting my 2 hours back.

Line game.


Interesting art works.

Do you think they have difficulty swallowing after? I wonder how they judge entry.


Death by health and safety.

The perfect gift idea.

Customize the greetings.

Who do you hug in celebration?

June 02, 2008

Great day 6.2.8

Games to play. Killing time wondering why they don't get my clues.

TED talks.

Snow sculptures.

How do they rate big fires? Old lobster fishing place burned downtown.

Remembering Mr. Rogers.

Congratulations to the Doc Rivers and the Celtics for defeating Detroit. BEAT LA! Old school rivalry between the coasts.