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Random thoughts 5.6.8

One second the link works, the next it is blocked according to the viewing policy. Soon nothing will be accessible.

CIA Book on Intelligence Analysis.

Everything you wanted to know about n.

Invention that I didn't know existed until yesterday. Plastic magnets. Apparently the strength can be increased or decreased using different color laser lights. Even the most magnetic magnetar is mind blowing.


You should fail in about half the goals you set for yourself - if not, youíre probably setting them too low.

Bad things happen in life, and there is no sense in getting all worked up about everything that goes wrong.

If somebodyís not right, theyíre probably hungry. Feed them.

You have to take responsibility for your own education. Donít depend on schools for that.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who keep their promises and those who donít. Once someone has demonstrated that they belong to the latter, have nothing whatever to do with them again, and for Godís Sake, donít do business with them!

If you ever wake up in the morning, and donít feel like going to work: donít. Life is too short to work at something that sucks.