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Indie Films Festival 4.25.8

Short docs at the Somerville Theatre.

1. Kids+Money.
Sad type of LA culture. Get out to the real world. So very sad. A good start to take those people and make them a part of the other movies.
2.If a body meet a body. A look at the LA Coronor's department following the people who take care of those without an ID. Not for a weak stomach. Not even Mike Rowe and "Dirty Jobs" would do that work.
3.34x25x36. The measurements of a "perfect" female figure which is all about those who make the plastic display models in stores, fashion lines. Didn't get this one at all. Boston doesn't have a bunch of single women this size anyways. Only in Southbeach, Brazil or SoCal.
4. La Corona (The Crown). A beauty pagent in Bogata Columbia.....in an all female prison. Cell block vs Cell Block. No Miss South Carolina responses, but one wasn't too far off. A look inside the lives of a few messed up ladies. Discussions after the contest was over was more poignant.