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MU recap 2.20.8

30 minutes of decent basketball. 10 minutes of lack of focus. Sure they handled one of the worst/youngest teams in the Big East, at NYC/MSG but if you are in cruise control up 20+ you should be able to hang on and win by at least 10. The body of work late in the season is critical to get a better seed. Don't be surprised if they are seeded 5 or 6 out West with a Tennessee or Memphis as a second game. Worse yet is to be in the South with the Duke/UNC seed playing in Greensboro. You KNOW how well we would NOT do against those two.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Cool lunar eclipse tonight. Freezing cold to watch.

3/6 in the lotto gets me 7. Lost tickets for Friday's drawing is as if I didn't win a thing and it costs more for the knowledge that someone COULD have MY winning tickets. Oh well.