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Giants over Pats SB XLII

To think 18-0 matters? Not in this one game. 7-3 after the end of three quarters. 10-7. Then with a drive to make it 14-10 one would think those are types of scores that allow underdogs to build a case for an upset. When it is 8 minutes and driving for the go ahead score, set I think the Pats needed a different bit of play calling when it set up first and goal at the 6 with around 2:45 to go. Pass, incomplete, Pass, incomplete, then Pass touchdown. If you run, run, run. It takes time and allows you to score. With the game still in question and a touchdown, 35 seconds and burning through timeouts, barely making catches, but still allowing a chance, New York outplayed the Patriots tonight and that was the key sequence where they failed to close out this game. Kinda reminds me of the Colts sequence of plays where if they changed just a little bit they would win. Hats off to the defense of getting to Brady most of the time. All of those dropbacks? No running game was going and it was a one dimensional attack. Dink and dunk Pats moving the chains with Welker, but no real reason to think your defense will hold again.

As for the Specter investigation I just wish that guy would die. WTF? Are you that busy with the budget, economy, War, jobs etc. that you need to review a private/league/NFL matter with the threat of "collective bargining"? Well if that is what allows congress to sticks its nose into everything than take it away Mr. Bigshot A Hole. I can't stand politicians and I get more and more sick of them every time they think they know better when the law and job details shouldn't have them involved. Steroids? Ha! Way to screw that up to. Mitchell investigation? Pointless.