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Misc Links 12.20.7

Easycalculation. Ever want to convert or figure out what day of the week it will be your birthday in 2025? Now this site has the answers.
Other sites you might have missed.
Crazy insane. If you were ever going to try spicing up your food, try and keep this out of the ingridient list.
Guinness World Records. I've yet to figure out the category I would attempt, but at least I know some that I don't want to try for.
Party games.
Simple appetizers.
Famous quotes.
Open Yale. Similar to the MIT courses for free.
What to read next.
NY Times magazine.
Heads of State. Good for those double bonus trivia night answers.
Holiday Drinks. What to order at the company holiday party?
List of Speeches. Looking for a famous quote, I came across the list of notable speeches.