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TOD 12.27.6

Getting some New Years resolutions set. Looking to complete my 2006 list. Only a few days to get it done. So much for having 1/5/7 off. Instead it looks like 1/3/7 Ford will be buried and the markets will be closed.

Ten Life Commandments

I. You shall not quit, because it ainít over till itís over.


II. You shall think before you speak.

When you engage another person in conversation, always think before talking.

III. You shall not try to save someone from himself, because you will fail.

IV. You shall surround yourself with good people.

Choose your friends carefully.

V. You shall not think life is fair, because it isnít.

VI. You shall always consider the source.

VII. You shall get over yourself.

VIII. You shall shut up and play.

IX. You shall not try to please everyone.

You canít be everything to everyone, no matter how hard you try.

X. You shall not ponder so long.