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August 28, 2006

Another Up Trip to Foxwoods 8.28.06

Another good run at the 2-5 NL Texas Hold'em Table. I had some poor plays and bad laydowns in some monster pots but also lucked out on some other monster pots with some good hands. Overall play was solid other than a few late costly hands that halved my chip stack. Weather and car ride back were terrible. Whatever Mark ate don't ever feed him the same thing again.......just plain wrong.

August 22, 2006

Weekend update

A good trip to Foxwoods Saturday. Spent about 8 hours cleaning up at the 2-5 No limit. Golf Sunday wasn't as good. It was fun to get out once again. Every 15 years by my count. 147 on the course in tough, wet, rainy, puddled, fairways and greens. If you discount the poor course conditions I would have played much better. Monday was almost another good day at the APL poker game. I made the final three and was in position to win the MVC but made the first, but not the last, mistake of the night. Happy with points but disappointed with none in the second game. We'll see how tomorrow's and Thursday's sessions go.

August 15, 2006


Another year older. Some minor eye irritation kept me up most of the night. Still bothering me some today. It helps today is pay day, but otherwise having to work on your birthday should be a given holiday. Rain most of the day so the weather is a little gray, but hopefully it will clear later.

As for photos, some from my recent trip are up at August 2006 folder. Enjoy.

August 06, 2006

Philly Link 8/6

Random Philly link: Philly Future.

10 Year Reunion last night at the Cherry Hill Hilton/Crown Roayle hotel. Decent turn out. Some people haven't changed much. Some have. Not sure how many really have done much but plenty starting families and staying in the area.

August 04, 2006

Poker Home Game 8/3

Played a home game. 16 people for about 4 hours that puts me out on the bubble. Only top three pay and finishing fourth is the worst place to be. No luck in the late, late, late, cash game set up later. On the good news front is the mid year bonus coming on my birthday, but to offset that is the lateness in processing the OT for the past few weeks in my "new" group.

Off to New Jersey for the 10 Year Reunion this weekend. Then Gettysburg and Richmond. I just wonder if the Mass legislature will pass the Tax Free shopping to coincide with my absence again. I missed it the past two years with big purchases. Hopefully the lottery ticket buy-in pool at work will hit and make all the WSOP Acts I, II, III worthless and just buy into the main events.