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Are you more Memorial Day

01) A believer in unwritten rules or a believer in written rules? Unwritten rules.
02) Water or fire? Water.
03) Earth or air? Earth.
04) Someone who eats their eggs plain or someone who spices them up somehow? Eats the eggs plain.
05) Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and coffee for breakfast or muffin and a coffee for breakfast? Muffin and a coffee. Not all that big a coffee drinker anyways.
06) Honest or likeable? Honest.
07) Chicken or fish? Chicken.
08) Admiring of Mahatma Gandhi or admiring of Martin Luther King Jr.? MLK Jr.
09) Hoping this summer is a hot one or hoping this summer is a cool one? Hoping it is a cool one.
10) Juicy or sweet? Juicy.