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Are you more 4 21 6

01) Pure chocolate (either milk or dark) or chocolate mixed with stuff (peanuts, almonds, rice puffs, etc.)? Pure chocolate.

02) Someone with a neat, beautiful signature or someone with a horrible chicken-scratch signature?

03) Tolerant of phone solicitors because they might be offering something you want or intolerant of phone solicitors because they’re annoying you at home?
Annoying when I'm at home. Not so much with just a cell phone.

04) Joysticks make for the better gaming overall or gamepads make for the better gaming overall?
Joysticks make for the better gaming overall.

05) A lover of fast automobiles or a lover of reliable, sturdy automobiles?
Fast automobiles..

06) The regular holidays should be kept as-is even if they have a religious background or all holidays should be completely secular?
Keep them as they were.

07) Expecting that there will be ETs walking freely on Earth within your lifetime or expecting that it will happen after you’re dead if at all?
After I'm dead, if at all.

08) Needing of quiet when you work or enjoying noise (radio, tv, conversation) when you work?
Music is good unless I'm reading.

09) A karaoke singer or a karaoke critic?
Critic. I can't sing.

10) One who thinks that you should honestly critique children’s work (so they can improve) or one who thinks you should always praise children’s work?

Critique the work so they show improvement.