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Are you more more questions part 14

01) Fast-paced big-city life or slower-paced small-town life?
Living in Boston you had better be fast paced or get out the way.

02) A location chooser based on your job(s) or a location chooser based on proximity to friends and family?
Based on my job.

03) Fan of the allen key (hexagon-head) or hater of the allen key?
Hater of the allen key.

04) Someone who loves futons or someone who prefers more traditional couches and beds?
I prefer a reclining chair.

05) Grateful that winter is gone or anxious for summer to hurry up and get here?
I like summer.

06) Grilled cheese sandwich with ham and tomato or just a grilled cheese sandwich?
Just a grilled chesse sandwich.

07) Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul?
I don’t watch that show.

08) A tiger or a bear?

09) Believing that politicians make the world a better place or believing that the common man makes the world a better place?
Definitely the common man. Politicians are of no use any more.

10) Driven by your loins or driven by your stomach?
Driven by my stomach. No loans.

01) A harsher critic of others or a harsher critic of yourself?
I am a harsher critic of myself all too often.

02) One who thinks stealing is the bigger sin or one who thinks lying is the bigger sin?
I think stealing is a bigger sin.

03) Fond of crayons for colouring or fond of paint for colouring?

04) Someone who thinks they have all the tools they could need or someone who thinks you barely have the minimum number of tools to get by?
Barely the minimum.

05) McDonald’s or Burger King?
Burger King.

06) Obsessive compulsive or whatever happens, happens?
Whatever happens happens.

07) One who enjoys the company of small children (playing with blocks) or one who enjoys the company of senior citizens (playing bridge)?
I love playing with small children. They make your day a little better somehow.

08) Someone who will vacuum-seal food before putting it in the freezer or someone who will just put it in the freezer?
Just toss it in the freezer.

09) More proud of your belches or more proud of your flatulence?
Belches. Flatulence would scare too many people.

10) Possessed of a soothing voice or possessed or an order-barking voice?
Order-barking voice.