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Are you more more questions part 12

01) Unassuming or naive? Unassuming.
02) Likely to vote based on candidate's overall stance on issues or likely to vote based on political party? Vote based on candidates overall stance on issues.
03) A fan of country pop music or a fan of rock pop music? Rock pop music. I'm not from the South.
04) A good casserole sort or a main dish and two sides sort? A main dish and two sides.
05) Pleased with your country's team's performance at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics or disappointed with their performance? Pleased with the team's performance.
06) Gobsmacked or lolligagged? Gobsmacked.
07) Indiana Jones or James Bond? Bond.
08) A believer that there are strict rules about line-ups (e.g. no cutting in line) or one who will let little things like that slide? There are strict rules about line-ups.
09) One who understands and can chart Boolean logic in speech or one who either can't precisely map it out or doesn't think it's that important? I don't think it's that important.
10) Someone who will eat when you're hungry or someone who will eat because it's time to eat? Eat when you're hungry. Doesn't matter the time unless you are deciding on what to eat.