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Are you more more

Would you rather:

wear a hollowed-out watermelon as a hat/mask OR wear loaves of bread as shoes? Wear a hollowed out watermelon as a hat or mask. I think the loaves of bread as shoes would be uncomfortable and wear out pretty quickly.
your nose constantly be running OR your eyes itchy? Eyes itchy. Nose constantly running is terrible.
find out you never graduated from high school and need one more class OR find out you took two classes too many? Find out I took two classes too many. Never graduating would be a shock.
be interviewed by a prominent "hate" magazine OR find pictures of you in the shower in "the enquirer"? Inerviewed by a prominent hate magazine. No need to publish pictures of me showering.

In addition:
01) Polished brass or brushed stainless steel? Brushed stainless steel. What are we choosing kitchen door handles?
02) Wooden frame for frames you can't see or metal frame for frames you can't see? Metal frame for frames you can't see.
03) One who would choose to live through a stomach flu or one who would choose to live through having strep throat? Choose to live through a stomach flue. Strep throat is too irritating.
04) A fan of medical-based tv shows or a fan of law-based tv shows? Law based tv shows are better. The medical can get gruesome in a hurry.
05) A believer in science or a believer in mysticism? Believer is science.
06) A sure-footed mountain goat or a swift-footed race horse? Swift footed race horse.
07) Prone to having a head cold or prone to having a chest cold? Prone to having a chest cold. It clears the head early and takes a month to finally clear up.
08) Ruthless or apathetic? Ruthless.
09) Fish 'n chips or fried chicken? Fish 'n chips.
10) For increased globalization or against increased globalization? For increased globalization. Ask me again in another 10 years.