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X-Mas List

Brent's X-Mas list:

1. Car.* Must include somewhere, so mine as well be here. Just dependable, good gas mileage, chick magnet, fast, able to alude cops and speeding tickets.
2. Redsox tickets. Individual game tickets went on sale this past Saturday.
3. DVR. Will fill in brand after I complete some research.
4. Decent dress watch. Probably a little too high on the list, but will come to replace the beat up one I wear now.
5. Mac stuff. I need something to play with my new computer.
6. Clothes. Decent additions to the wardrobe.
7. Books, DVD, CD's, Magazine Subscriptsions. No particular order, but Amazon Wishlist might have a few ideas.
8. Airline ticket and hotels in Europe for June, 2006
9. Additional World Cup 2006 soccer tickets.
10. Money

If you are still without an item you can check out an outdated, but helpful list from my Amazon Wishlist. A segway would be pretty cool, but not too useful in the cold weather we have up in Boston now.