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Tough Questions to ponder

Would you rather:

eat two entire fruit cakes OR drink a gallon of egg nog?
Two fruit cakes. Egg nog is just disgusting.
as a gift, receive a dirty pair of your grandmother's panties OR her used bedpan from the hospital? Used bedpan. At least it just might come back clean.

step in a pile of reindeer poop OR get tangled in a pile of christmas lights?

Pile of christmas lights. Easy to get out of.

give $10,000 to one family that needs it OR $1,000 to 10 families that could really use more?

$1000 to 10 families. No real reason other than the concept of those ten families can spend the cheer or it would seem to go farther than one family getting lucky.

play one of the animals from the broadway musical "lion king" OR play "the phantom" from "phantom of the opera"? Play an animal from the Lion King. Pretty tough choice really, but I think kids will remember the animal more.

find out a complete stranger was watching you change OR accidentally see your elderly neighbor naked? Find out a complete stranger was watching. I don't want to accidentally see anyone in the birthday suit. Plus any added information about the neighborhood is a bonus.

slip on a banana peel and crack your tailbone OR be attacked by a herd of squirrels? Attacked by a herd of squirrels, Seems a folly is bound to happen on the ice here in Boston, but the odds of a squirrel attack without spring time weather is doubtful.

find out your car battery is dead OR wake up to no electricity in your house? Wake up to no electricity. At least AAA doesn't need to come by and help out. The no electricity is a minor problem, but if it does delay your getting things done or into work, then it would be the car since I don't really have one to impact my life.