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Went to catch the new George Clooney movie Syriana. Nothing great, but a thought provoking movie somewhat based on fictional and realistic events. Still, I would rather check out another The Lion, The Witch and The Warddrobe first.

Got my phone back, which beats going to the Verizon store and spending to get a replacement.

Sick now which really sucks.

Snow here yesterday, change over to rain, and then another 5 inches. Making conditions pretty New England like. Crappy snow.

In more exciting news, the World Cup soccer draw was held. The match we got was Switzerland vs. France. Pretty cool. It could have been Togo vs. South Korea which would be strange if you ask me. Additional ticket sales start 12.12.05. Yes, backwards day month year format could still read month day year we Americans are used to.

As for Christmas lists......or shopping for family, I'm in need of some cool ideas or suggestions, so let me know.