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Phone Loss

If you happen to receive a call from my old cell phone, that is not me. I plan on caceling the service tomorrow AM, if I can find it. If not, please disregard all incoming calls from my old number. Sorry about the inconvienece. Apparently someone would find it amusing to take someone elses cell phone from there jacket. I plan on giving out the good number sooner or later if Verizon has some kind of deal. Thanks. Brent.

Oh, and if you were the person who found a cracked LG flip phone last night at the Burren bar in Somerville (Davis Square) please let me know. No harm no fail. What you hope to get out of it I have no idea but if you return it sans any more damage, let me know. Thanks.

As for the stupid bouncers who thought I was not able to find a phone, and "report it to the bar", what do you think I am doing trying to get back into the place without my personal items. I really should figure out what you would want from me in order to restore peace in the world. If not, you fat piece of crap can go back to causing mayhem elsewhere.