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A little bit about yourself....Are you more?

Would you rather:
live in the woods and have to hunt/gather all your own food OR mix everything in a blender before you eat it? Live in the woods and have to hunt. I don't think I could handle gathering berries all day unless I'm on a farm. Blenders are only good once you get the fruit or items.

learn to play the accordian OR bagpipes? Accordian. I don't think bagpipes can be learned. Just played poorly or not as poorly as the last bagpiper.

wear a suit of armor for a week OR a tutu? A suit of armor would be better. Real men wouldn't wear a tutu.

help an old lady across the street OR rescue a cat from a tree? Help an old lady across the street. Cats are usually up to no good up a tree or running from a dog. How they get down? Well, apparently all cats can land on the paws so I say go ahead and let them jump.

01) One who would prefer to be kept in the dark as long as possible about bad news or one who would want to take the bad news square on the chest and get it over with? Take the bad news square on the chest and get it over with. Nothing like letting things drag on and linger. Break it now and let the chips/cards play out.

02) A believer in complex chemical formulation cleaners or a believer in good old fashioned ammonia/vinegar/bleach (pick ONLY one, NOT COMBINED!) and water? Old fashioned bleach.

03) A post-shower-wiper-downer or a post-shower-leave-it-aloner? Post shower leave it aloner. Clean it a few times a month.

04) Someone whom others look up to for a good example or just another Joe/Jane in the crowd? I think others look up to for a good example. I try to lead an above average life rather than just blending into the crowd. Not to be out gathering everyones attention is good too.

05) All about the naughty thoughts during sex or all about the stimulation of the erogenous zones during sex? All about the stimulation.

06) Possessed of a number of ugly skeletons in your closet or (relatively) skeleton-free? Relatively skelton free.

07) Special Agent Clarice Starling or Dr. Hannibal Lecter? Special Agent Clarice Starling. Lecter is one sick SOB.

08) A fan of contact sports or a fan of non-contact sports? Contact sports. It wouldn't be a sport otherwise.

09) One who uses the phrase "(some colour) is the new black" or one who thinks that's a stupid phrase and black is black and (some colour) is itself? It's a stupid phrase. Black is obviously black in and of itself.

10) Gifted or lucky? Lucky.

Are you more...

01) Someone whose inner child still believes in Santa Claus or someone whose inner child is dead and you are heartless and bah humbug? Inner child believes in a Santa Claus. Somewhere he must get a serious frequent flyer milage discount on all of the gifts.

02) Enjoying all the "Christmas" decorations hither and yon or enjoying all the "Holiday" decorations hither and yon? Christmas decorations. Holiday is so........well, Not Christmas. Not to go crazy and say Wal-Mart is all wrong, but some just go too far.

03) Likely to try the Baked Fettuccini w/Chicken dish at a restaurant or likely to try the New York Steak at a restaurant? New York Steak.

04) Despite having to shovel snow, a lover of winter or because of things like having to shovel snow, a hater of winter? Lover of winter. Even better on the mountain with a snowboard.

05) An indulger of cookies during Christmas or an abstainer of cookies during Christmas? More cookies is a better Christmas.

06) Scholarly or hard-working? Hard-working.

07) More easily turned on with video (tv, movies) of sexy looking people or more easily turned on by seeing sexy looking people in person? Seeing sexy looking people in person. TV is just that. A box displaying beutiful people, but nothing is better than the real thing.

08) A mall Christmas shopper or an online Christmas shopper? I still hit the malls.

09) Someone who always knows approximately what time it is or someone who often couldn't really tell you to within a half-hour what time it is? Someone who knows exactly what time it is, even if I am 5 minutes earlier than most.

10) A pear or a carrot? Pear.