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Tuesday Items

Would you rather:
live forever OR go back in time to when you were seven, knowing everything you know now?
Go back in time, knowing everything. I think a pretty good alternate universe would result rather than living in one forever.
be caught with your hand in a stranger's purse OR taking a picture of a stranger peeing?
Caught in a purse. Easier to explain away.
kiss a horse on the lips OR poke a dog in the butt? Kiss a horse. Mr. Ed is a loveable horse.
wake up in the county jail OR naked, on the train tracks? Wake up on the train tracks. Not sure I need a rap sheet and couldn't afford the bail anyways.
have a "get out of jail free" card OR "win second prize in a beauty contest" card? Get out jail free card. See above. Second place in still second place and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
have the power to give people paper cuts OR satisfy their hunger? Satsify their hunger. Nothing beats having a good cook around who knows a thing or two about good food.
eat a plate full of daisies OR four full hams in one sitting? Never know how daisies taste, but would pass on the excess hams for terrible tasting items.
get hit with a golf ball OR a football? Football. Golfballs can leave a deeper bruise. The football I think wouldn't hurt as much.