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A little bit about yourself....Are you more _____

01) Prone to using a letter opener to open a letter or prone to using your finger to open a letter?
My finger. Although the number of letters is far less than the rip in half approach to the thousands of credit card offers I receive.

02) A thief or a liar?
A thief on the smallest scale. But after finishing Blink and Freakonomics and the study of those who don't pay for items, I will change my ways. No company supplies anymore.

03) Sociopathic (lacking conscience) or emotionally sensitive (too much conscience)?
Emotionally sensitive.

04) A conformist or a gadfly?
I tend to fit in. Normal in most ways.

05) “Low-fat eating is the way to lose weight” or “Low-carb eating is the way to lose weight”?
Not concerned either way, but low carbs since most people don't burn enough calories.

06) An orange or a potato?
Orange. Although the potato has many other benefits.

07) Attracted to younger men/women than yourself or attracted to older men/women than yourself?
I don’t really care about the age. Both are attractive on their own.

08) A pervert or a prude?
I’m not an extreme of either.

09) A Star Trek fan or a Star Wars fan?
Star Wars. Never liked Spock, Data, or any of the others.

10) Good at listening to someone or bad at listening to someone?
I’d say I’m pretty good at listening.