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2005 Recap

Only one month left to accomplish the 2005 Resolutions. A look back and current grades. 1 is poor 10 is great.

1. Save more money. 4. Overall savings/investments are barely up over last years totals. A lot more work and OT are gone. Dividends are not coming in to be spend but re-invested. Some of the unrealized gains are quickly turning into losses. Retirement in the 401k remains at a robust 15% with a company match, so I can't complain there.

2. Find a cool place to live. 3. More costly which eliminates goal #1. The place is alright, a little bit longer of a walk, and slightly up hill. Still hate to move yet again, but it seems more and more likely once the lease is up come August.

3. Travel more. 2. Failed to take off anywhere exciting. No thanks to those who plan the vacation schedule. Almost guaranteed to improve next year. Germany anyone?

4. Get in better shape. 4. If by rounder or larger in the mid-section. This figure better improve for 2006.

5. Run a faster half marathon or a complete marathon. 9. Yes a new personal best was set 10/9/5 at the BAA Half Marathon on a solo effort. Not much training going into the race. After nearly oversleeping, (how is that possible)? All pre-race expectations went out the window. No warmup, rainy, windy, cold weather. Less than ideal, but somehow I pulled it off. No plans for a full marathon so less the 1 point.

6. Figure out what I want to do with the next five years, or set Longer term goals. 4. Still not sure. Check back in 2006. Would have been higher, but the longer term goals need improvements.

7. See a space shuttle launch. Let's go already NASA! 0. NASA shut this one down. Although, June/July would have been as good a time as any, since it seems like it will be difficult getting down to South Florida anytime soon.

8. Volunteer more. 2. Yes Marquette National service day counts, but little service for the fellow man was done. This number will be improved come 2006.

9. Be a better person. 7. I think I have become a better person. Too tough a question, so this goal will probably not make it back come 2006.

10. Live life to the fullest, everyday. 3. Life is full of surprises. Everyday living one or encountering one is still in need of improvement. Another tough one to guage/assess accurately.