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April 15, 2011

Creating a bridge 4.15.11

Pacman game.
Boston Computer groups.
Chocolate cake.
Google trivia.
Camping reservation.
LOST tizzy.
Rock photo contest.
Steal like an artitst.
Lotus Notes tips.
NFL Lock out recap.
Question your work.
MU Law blog.
Rick Esenberg.
Cool photos from space.
Charley Ellis at Harvard.
Baupost Group.
Investing articles.
Penut twitter.
Inside the game.
Stepehn Jay Gould.
Tweedy articles.
Cutting board.
Neat Mosiac Puzzles. aka. Crosswords from hell.
Dustin Curtis.
Butternut recipe.
Jason Santa Maria.
Long Stocks.

Wiki Links:
David Boies. NFL lawyer.
Adam Haslet.
Gentlemen's Clubs.
Blotto Games.
Seth Klarman.
Ken Knowlton.

April 01, 2011

Admit it 4.1.11

Excel discussion.
Study guide.
Geek MBA.
Innovations in Education.
Boston Bracket for where to eat.
Natasha Friend.
Arthur Ganson.
WIRED Science.
Amazon of journalism.

Wiki Links:
Bullingdon Club.
Forbes 15.
George Higgins.
Seymour Papert.
Best practice.