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December 31, 2010

New Years Wrap up 12.31.2010

Happy New Year! Well, New Years Eve.....I guess it is 2011 elsewhere.

1. Do More Yoga.
2. Take a teacher led course.
3. See more art.
4. Read More.
5. Actually get stamps on my Passport. (Carryover from my 2010.)
6. Strike up a conversation with a stranger.
7. Take more photos.
8. Invest more money.
9. Have a different approach and envision my 2011.
10. Make someones day. (Random Acts of Kindness).
11. Complete my marathon. (Now or never).

Packers need one more win and they are in the playoffs. Can't rely on Washington and New Orleans to come through if they lose.

Looking forward to some college bowl games.

December 10, 2010

Train the Mind 12.10.10

Tech lessons from the past 10 years.
Students admit to cheating.
Only the title is worth nothing.
Seed magazine.
Law and superheros.
If you want to get to the countries that start with the letter Q, wait until the World Cup.
Midas Oracle.
Street terms for drugs.
Recap from The Simpsons writers.
Best of 2010. Something to read.
JPM in the NYT.
Leadership on CNBC.
Cool photos.
Too early to start knowing.
Book suggestions.
Futility closet.
Ghost Redwoods.
Boss toss toy.
MU coach Hank Raymonds.
CEO of publisher Macmillan.
Econ blog.
Crosswords solved in minutes.
Sports statsheet.

Wiki Links:
Hawaiian Language.

December 03, 2010

Two Alternatives 12.3.10

Education article.
Religious data.
Readers workshop.
Fleet command.
Critics challenge.
Diners journal.
Ministry of stories.
Distributist review.
Eating suggestions.