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August 31, 2010

Examine carefully 8.31.10

20 Minute Dinner Recipes.
Corporate psychology.
Apple Spice Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting.
Apple Dapple Cake.
Publishing Practices of NIH-Funded Faculty at MIT.
Humor for men to write women's magazines.
Improve handwriting.
Seinfeld productivity tips.
Responding to mistakes.
Beginner's Guide.
Beyond Salmon.
Linguistic puzzles.
Photo list.
Teaching tips.
Writing tips.
Learn to fish.
Funny T- Shirts.
Tons of Emoticons.
How to tell if someone is a liar.
Newton's Laws.
US Debt.
Make a word puzzle.
Build a brand.
Man of the house.
Your life in Pictures.
Mortgage Professor.

August 25, 2010

New Script for the next generation 8.25.10

Circle sound game.
How language shapes the way we think.
Photography resources.
Wine info.
Say no.
Piano chords.
Dilbert rule of 12.
Rough type.
Idea hub.
Good bosses.
Learning a language.
Wine pairing advice.
Gift ideas.
What's new?
Book list.
Writers tech companion.
Pixar tips for presentations.
Make change tips.
Rules for productivity.
Dealing with critical people.
Inspiring quotes.
Noble pig.
Sourdough bread starter.
Changing decision making.

Wiki Links:
List of grape varieties.
Igor Stravinsky.
List of English words of Persian origin
Napier's bones.
Order of magnitude.
Sound pressure.
Brain regions.
Fuzzy logic.

August 18, 2010

Best together 8.18.10

Packers bleacher reporter.
Free education resources.
Belfer center.
Low effort cooking.
Think for a living.
WSJ blogs.
Measuring success.
George Washington papers.
Designer e books.
Summary business plan.
Guitar lessons.
Lead and learn.
Helpful photo tutorials.
Magazine articles.

Wiki Links:
Classificatory disputes about art.

August 16, 2010

Return to BAU 8.16.10

Back to work today.The trip out to Yosemite was AWESOME! The return flight on the Red Eye.....not so much. The first day out in San Francisco was to get familiar with the city and see how much you could walk around without taking public transportation. The water front Marina area, AT&T park, The Golden Gate bridge, fresh farmers market, Greens, Lombard Street, Grace Cathedral were parts of the highlights. Fog, driving through downtown, some of the public areas, lack of taxi cabs, the type of hotel, were part of the low lights. Observations from San Fran: Colder than most places even though it is August. A lot of locals are wearking winter clothing, scarves, stocking caps. and panda bears. The Golden Gate bridge is hollow. The "International Orange" is not the true color. Underneath it is Green. Try brushing some of the paint away and it sticks to your hand. Not much on the other side of the bridge once you do cross.

Yosemite is BIG! Really, Really BIG! Half dome is the most challenging hike I've ever done. Hopefully it is the worst I can feel and still survive. Kings and Sequoia everyone must go to in order to appreciate the sheer size of these 3000 year old trees. I would go back and do more trails in each park. Some of the photos from the hike are up.

Over 1200 emails await after being gone for 10 days straight. Off to weed what I need and don't need.